It’s ashame that when there is GOOD NEWS on our Black Youth  especially when they are associated with EXCELLENCE to this Magnitude the News turns the other cheek and  refuses to report on it, so we definitely will but unfortunately due to their lack to report on it we know very little besides what you see below from The Blue Program in Chicago, Illinois that she was apart of in some way that shouted her out.


We wanted to send out a special congrats to frequent BLUE student, Dorothy Jean, for graduating from college at the age of 10!!! Dorothy has participated in ourminecraft coding, hackathons, and web development classes, and we’re excited for her success. Did we say she’s only 10 years old? Amazing. Congrats to Dorothy and her family.

I want to tell anybody reading this that Reading is in fact Fundamental, and I strongly encourage all of you if you haven’t already to GET EDUCATED. Knowledge is Power and it’s a power that nobody can take from you. It is better to know as much as you can in this thing called life rather than to go around being an airhead. Become a college graduate no matter how old you are, it is never too late and apparently it’s never too early either.  BE SMART.


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